In A Month

ACTive now for the future

Marathon In A Month - ACTive now for the future

Walk, run, bike, swim, skip... complete a marathon in the month of November, get active, and help cancer patients in your community. It only takes 1.4km each day. By joining the Cancer Society team, your support will ensure that the 71 New Zealanders a day who are diagnosed with cancer will not go through it alone.


Accept the challenge

One marathon not enough of a challenge? Choose a distance that suits you and encourage your friends and whānau to Marathon in a Month with you as a team.


Move your body and get active

Start accumulating your kms from November 1st and track your progress with Strava! For a marathon, that's 1.4km each day. Consistency is key to avoid those kms from stacking up!


Make a real difference

The funds you raise for Marathon in a Month go directly to your chosen Cancer Society Centre. The more you raise, the bigger your impact, so share like you've never shared before!

"If exercise could be packaged in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation."

- Robert Butler, National Institute on Aging


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The difference you'll make

Every day 71 New Zealanders are diagnosed with cancer, but it's with your support that we can make a real difference. 100% of the funds you raise go directly to the Cancer Society.

Your contribution helps to fund breakthrough cancer research and prevention programmes to protect our future generations.